Thursday, March 31, 2005

Why am I writing?

After scurrying around to get the most-recently-polished version of my book to the agent who requested it, I'm now a computer potato, sitting on my butt. I could be working on the second book in the series. I could be finishing up the vampire romance, which is my first attempt at an actual one hero/one heroine, happy ending short story. I could be starting a new book with some of the ideas that have been flying through my brain. But no. I sit. A friend recently asked me if I write because I like it, or only because I want to sell something. I immediately said it write because I like it, and that's true, but it's not the whole truth. It's the same as my singing career. I have a great voice and I love to sing. So, why aren't I singing in the car? In the shower? No audience. All the years I performed (and complained about it, what an asshole I can be) I recognized that half the joy of singing for me was the appreciation of the listeners. Why should I be surprised that I'm the same with my writing? When someone tells me I write well, and/or that they like my story, I become super motivated. Fingers flying on the keyboard, butt on the chair til the wee hours. But in the lulls, I do nothing. If a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it...

Monday, March 28, 2005

A Shameless Plug For My Hypnosis CDs

I thought I'd squeeze in a commercial, if nobody minds. Since I am a self-employed counselor, living alone and not sharing expenses with anyone while I sit in front of the computer writing, writing, writing, I appreciate every opportunity to talk about the things I can offer (to pay the rent). My hypnotherapy CDs are great for relaxation, stress reduction, and sleep, but they're even more amazing for inner exploration and transformation. I get lots of feedback from my creative clients regarding the results of utilizing my CDs to stimulate their imaginations. Anyway, you can check them out on my website: Now, back to our regularly-scheduled program...

It's In The Mail!

Yay! It's in the mail! I sent the full manuscript to the agent who requested it last Tuesday and the post office website said it was received on Thursday afternoon. Very exciting. I also got my packet back from the contest I finaled in, plus another contest I'd entered. The agent who read my story in the final round pretty much wasn't excited about anything in it. She certainly jumped to a lot of conclusions based on 15 pages. But I did get that my synopsis needs to be much more clear. That's OK. Finding an agent who will love my particular writing style/voice will be an interesting experience. The other contest packet came back with the same result I usually get: one judge loved it -- gave it a 100/100, and the other judge gave it much less, saying that the writing was good and the story clever, but it wasn't a romance. I appreciate the high-scoring judges and their comments. I'm learning that "writing is writing" isn't true. If someone doesn't like first person, or paranormals or chick-lit vibe, then they usually get so distracted by those things that they can't even read my story as a unique entity. But, I'm that way, too. I don't know how to read stories that don't have introspection, depth and some romance so I don't even put myself in the position of trying. I'm still looking forward to hearing back from the other agent who expressed interest.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

More Encouraging News

I got another request for chapters and a "pitch." It's been fun writing my first blurb. (Many thanks to the generous writers who gave me their feedback about my initial efforts!) Hopefully, the recipient will like it! I received an "honorable mention" in the OTFS contest. A disappointment, but it was nice to final. One of my crit partners (thank you, Anna!) helped me get clear about the focus of my book and that assistance has been invaluable in creating the blurb and an updated synopsis. I hope it won't be a problem that my book doesn't fit easily into one category. My heroine isn't an ass kicker like Anita Blake, or ditsy like some of the heroines of the vampire chick lit books that are popular, but I hope readers will give her a try!