Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Excerpt from "Crimson Psyche," Kismet Knight, Vampire Psychologist book #3
This is from the UK version.

Devereux and Kismet, finally alone, after a terrifying night . . .

‘That is music to my ears.’ He sat up, pulled off his boots and tossed them onto the floor. Then he stood and gazed down at me, an unfamiliar – almost hungry – expression on his face. ‘Since that is the case, I would like to share something new with you.’

‘New?’ What now? More paranormal delirium? ‘Well, don’t keep me in suspense.’

He gave a slow blink. ‘I was recently surprised and pleased to discover that there is a lustful part of you that enjoys being restrained. That appreciates sexual games, and likes to play . . . rough.’

My cheeks warmed. Even though I hadn’t sorted out those desires yet – or the sexually aggressive part of me that liked that sort of thing – I couldn’t deny them. If he only knew what I really fantasised about . . . At least he wasn’t inviting more naked vampires to perform a ritual around the bed. I hoped. ‘That’s true. I was surprised by those urges too.’

He tugged his shirt over his head, and threw it across a chair, baring his sculpted, smooth chest. ‘And were you pleased?’

Even without the enticing view of his muscles, the sensuous tone of his voice sent shivers down my body. My nipples hardened and my toes curled. I sat up. ‘The jury’s still out about that. Why?’

He lowered his voice. ‘You have often mentioned the fact that I am domineering and bossy.’

‘Yeah, so? I think everyone who knows you would agree with that.’

‘Are you familiar with dominance and submission?’

‘What?’ Yikes! My brain froze, but my traitorous body immediately reacted, becoming so acutely turned on that my breath caught.

‘Breathe, Kismet,’ he whispered.

I blew out a deep breath and tried to calm my pulse. ‘Dominance and submission?’ Totally flummoxed by my own dissonant emotions, I gave a hysterical laugh. ‘Is that a new video game?’ I began practising the mental hum so I wouldn’t blurt out any more ridiculous words. Cerridwyn’s mystical sound-healing tool came in handy, not only to keep vampires from damaging my brain, but to relax me.

‘Answer me, Kismet.’ His voice shifted subtly and now held a dangerous edge. ‘Do not deflect. Are you familiar with the terms?’

I cleared my throat and licked my dry lips. I’d seen Devereux in his Lord and Master persona many times, but there was something extra dark and unsettling about his behaviour now. What’s up with him? ‘Yes. I have many clients who explore the lifestyle.’ I sat up straighter. ‘Why are you talking about this?’

‘I am excited to unexpectedly be in a position to talk about it.’ Charm once again permeated his tone. ‘Until the events of the last week, I had not given much thought to the topic. Previously, you gave no indication that you were interested.’ He combed his fingers through his hair, pushing wayward strands back from his forehead. ‘As it turns out, I have quite a bit of experience as a dominant – a dom. My need to control is likely why I chose to be a master vampire. I find the role enjoyable and arousing.’

Oh. Shit. A dom. My brain sputtered. Devereux’s secrets were apparently endless. ‘What’s this got to do with you saying you want to make love to me?’ As if I didn’t know.

‘I thought it might be time for us to push the boundaries of our sexual relationship, since you have opened the door, so to speak.’

Push the boundaries? Terror and excitement wrestled for control. ‘What does that mean, exactly?’ Why was I being coy? I knew precisely what he meant.

He gave a wicked grin. ‘It means I would like to tie you up, have passionate sex with you, and then partake in a little blood-play. And I would like you to struggle. Merely a simple introduction to another level of pleasure. If you are emotionally able, that is.’

I sucked in so much air, I bent over in a coughing fit.


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