Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I'm an Anne Rice Fan Girl

anne rice 3   I don't think I've ever typed the worlds "fan girl" before regarding myself, but I'm not in the least embarrassed to admit I've been in love with Anne Rice since I read Interview with the Vampire a very long time ago. interview with the vampire After she wrote that book, there were trillions (at least it seems that way) of vampire books published. But she was (and is) special. One of a kind. She was the first one (at least to my mind -- this has been debated by others) to make vampires creepy, witty, charming, and intelligent. They were still scary, but we loved them. Arrogantly superior Lestat reveled in his vampirism -- the quintessential bad boy. Of course, Louis suffered and shared his neuroses. The little dear. And all without sex! anne rice 1 Anne also brought a wonderful theatricality to her book signings, arriving in coffins, decked out in gorgeous vampire clothes. I was so sad I couldn't get to New Orleans while she still lived there so I could stalk her 
get my books signed.

 anne rice 2 I even loved her witch and wolf books. Her   erotica was interesting. I was devastated when she said she was giving up the undead lads to write religious books. Since I'm not interested in religion, I didn't read any of those.  But I have everything else she's ever written. And soon there will be more vampire books and the possibility of a movie franchise of the whole series. *breathing into a paper bag now.*

 prince lestat  

And "they" say paranormal is dead. Ha!