Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Good News From The Agent

I got some great news yesterday. Seems the agent I sent 3 chapters to via attachment back in September never got them. I know this because I sent an email and asked about the status of my original submission, and immediately got a request for a re-submit. Yay! So, after I resent the 3 chaps, I got an another immediate email asking for the whole enchilada. I'd say that counts as excellent news. They said I have an intriguing premise and a wonderful voice. That beats the tumbleweeds scratching against my door any day.

I also found out that the paranormal short story anthology pushed back its deadline yet again, and won't make a decision on stories to include until April. In the meantime, I emailed with a couple of other short-story options and there is interest in seeing my story. So, who knows?


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