Friday, December 30, 2005

Psychic Fiction Books

I got an email from Romantic Times Bookclub Magazine about a list of Psychic Fiction books they've compiled. The list is available (free) at this address:

There's also a spiffy psychic terms glossary. I'm happy to pass the word along.

I haven't read lots of the books on the Psychic Fiction list, but will definitely check with my library (such an excellent library here in Boulder, CO!).

I did read the "Psychic Eye" mystery books by Victoria Laurie. There are three in the series so far. I liked the psychic elements and the mystery. The heroine is funny and endearing and the boyfriend has promise.

I also read Martha C. Lawrence's five Elizabeth Chase mysteries. I wish I hadn't gone into these books with the assumption that they're romance. While I don't read much straight romance, I do love the romance elements in stories. What's life without a little romance? (Trust me. You don't want to know!) Martha's books are well-written mysteries with a little psychic stuff thrown in. Had I read them expecting just that, I wouldn't have found myself irritated by the distant tone of the relationship sub-sub-plot. But, now that I know, I can just enjoy a good mystery, and how cool is that?

Kay Hooper's murder mystery books all involve psychics unscrambling the clues. I really enjoyed them. She's got the "Evil" books, the "Shadow" books and the "Fear" books. All good.

Amanda Quick (aka Jayne Ann Krentz) has a new series she calls "Arcane Society" novels. The first is "Second Sight." I liked it a lot. The main female character is intelligent, strong and resourceful and the main male character is clever and handsome. They both have various psychic abilities (or "powers" as stated in the book). I definitely love/hate a book depending on the characters, and I really enjoyed this one. She's doing an interesting thing with this series. The next book is written under her JAK name and is a contemporary. She says she'll weave in elements about the Arcane Society through several stories. So far, so good!


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