Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Cheryl Norman: Funny, Crazy, Upsetting Publishing Stories

OK, this isn't deep but it's a true story.

My funny publishing moment came when I got The Call. Helen Rosburg (publisher of Medallion Press) called my house to offer me a contract for RESTORE MY HEART and talked to my husband. I was in the woods on the Suwannee River at a writers' retreat. Cell phone signals were spotty at best. Later that evening after a rather intense brainstorming session, I went into my bedroom and heard a beep, indicating that I'd missed a call. I had numerous messages to call home. After I walked around and finally found a spot where the signal was two bars, I called my hubby and learned that Medallion Press wanted my book. So when I finally got The Call, he took it *LOL*


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just happened upon this and thought, gee! I remember telling you that story but didn't realize you'd blogged it! Of course, that was a year ago. I'm slow sometimes...

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