Monday, February 07, 2005

No Excuses

OK. I can blame my writing lull on the changes of the past couple of months. I sold my former residence, found a place to rent for a while, packed, cleaned, moved, etc. I've been officially in my new quarters for 18 days and still have a large room full of boxes and bins to unpack, but I can't use the moving excuse any longer. I'm committed to writing a first draft of a vampire romance for an anthology, and I've been stalled on chapter 18 of my major story for weeks. I have to admit that I really hate being in the "I don't know" phase. The twilight zone of nothingness that happens after sending out queries, chapters, proposals, etc. with no response. I have to admit to being so NAIVE that I thought I'd hear from someone by now. I sent 3 chaps/synops to both an agent and a publisher with only tumbleweeds rolling up against my door to show for it. I recently sent a query to another agent, and I guess I can't start whining yet, since it's only been a week or so. But I think the biggest disappointment is not being enthusiastically accepted into the anthology I'd written a vampire chick lit/vampire humor short story for. They were supposed to choose the participants by the end of Jan. and I can only assume that if they were interested in mine, I'da heard something by now. OK. I know. Rejection is a normal part of being a writer. Yada, yada. I know everyone likes their stories and thinks their stories are the best, whatever. But I do think my vampire short story is interesting and amusing. One writer friend I had read it said it was even hot. And, quite frankly, I'm tired of slogging through the muck in one part of my business or another. It's my turn, dammit.


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