Monday, March 28, 2005

It's In The Mail!

Yay! It's in the mail! I sent the full manuscript to the agent who requested it last Tuesday and the post office website said it was received on Thursday afternoon. Very exciting. I also got my packet back from the contest I finaled in, plus another contest I'd entered. The agent who read my story in the final round pretty much wasn't excited about anything in it. She certainly jumped to a lot of conclusions based on 15 pages. But I did get that my synopsis needs to be much more clear. That's OK. Finding an agent who will love my particular writing style/voice will be an interesting experience. The other contest packet came back with the same result I usually get: one judge loved it -- gave it a 100/100, and the other judge gave it much less, saying that the writing was good and the story clever, but it wasn't a romance. I appreciate the high-scoring judges and their comments. I'm learning that "writing is writing" isn't true. If someone doesn't like first person, or paranormals or chick-lit vibe, then they usually get so distracted by those things that they can't even read my story as a unique entity. But, I'm that way, too. I don't know how to read stories that don't have introspection, depth and some romance so I don't even put myself in the position of trying. I'm still looking forward to hearing back from the other agent who expressed interest.


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