Saturday, April 30, 2005

RT Reflections

I'm back from the RT Convention. I actually came back a little early. It was a mixed experience for me. Since I'm not predominantly a romance writer (but I am a "with romance elements" writer big time), it's understandable that I wouldn't be a great fit with many parts of the convention. Not knowing anyone there (except my awesome roommate, a pubbed author with her own schedule of things to do) and being sometimes painfully shy/introverted (nobody ever guesses that about me, but it's obnoxiously true) added to my "fish out of water" feeling. I did make several valiant efforts to plop myself down in the midst of activity, trying to strike up conversations with others who were already in familiar groups. It didn't take long for the conversations to come to an abrupt end. Anyway, long boring story shorter, it was kinda lonesome. Boo hoo. Poor Lynda!! OK. I got that out of my system. As the Anita Blake character in Laurell K. Hamilton's books sometimes says about being very short, "Yeah. Sometimes it disappoints me, too." That's how I feel about being overwhelmed by the energy of large groups. Did you know that lots of intuitives/psychics are wiped out by intense energy? Sigh. On to the good stuff: I sincerely enjoyed hearing Laurell K. Hamilton speak at several different panels. She's a hoot. Shades of Anita Blake. On the first day she wore this waist-cinching corset thing that pushed her abundant mammary glands up to be displayed in a black spandex-type clinging shirt. Something Jean-Claude picked out, no doubt. And, speaking of Jean-Claude. I asked her if there would ever be more private time between he and Anita (hey, I'm as bad as anyone else about getting fixated on favorite characters) and she said there wasn't room in the books for that. But that she was writing a mini-novel about a date between Anita, Jean-Claude and Asher. She's also writing one of those mini-novels about a weekend away with Micah. Seems her publisher asked her to write more small stuff to supplement the material in the books. Apparently the demand is high. She said the next Anita book (tentatively called Danse Macabre) will be out summer, 2006. She's also got an anthology coming out. Sherilynn Kenyon was asked repeatedly about whether there'll be a book about "Ash's story," and she said definitely yes. Sweet Kelly Armstrong said her next project (after Haunted) will be another Elena and Clayton story. Yay! And Charlaine Harris is definitely keeping the Sookie Stackhouse books coming. She said her contract will end with book 6 of the Southern Vampire series, but she's sure a new contract will be forthcoming. She also has a new series called "Grave Sight" about someone who gets struck by lightening and the paranormal repercussions. After reading all the recent discussions on various loops about whether or not vampire stuff is cooling off, I can say the interest at the RT Convention was RABID. So many people writing vampire books. Tons. And fans hyperventilating for them. So, vampires cooling off? Not in this lifetime. Will I go to another RT convention? In a heartbeat. The moment I'm a well-known, successful author.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Linda,

Isn't Jean Claude just adorable?

That's great because we have some wonderful vampire books and more coming out. Maybe next year we can get you a copy of our first editon of Vamprotica!

Chippewa Publishing

9:04 AM  
Blogger thewriterslife said...

Lynda, if I'd been there, I would have talked to you! I'm basically a nobody in the biz but I'm sure I would have wanted to crawl under the table and die with having no one to talk to, but at least you did have fun and that's what counts. Maybe next year I can join you!

3:20 PM  
Blogger Lynda Hilburn said...

Dorothy: Thanks! I'm sure we would have had a great time. Actually, I think RT is perfect for authors who already have a fan base and for fans, and unless I become one of those authors, I doubt if I'll return to RT. I'm not basically a romance writer so a lot of the activities there aren't a good fit for me. But being an introvert can be a major pain sometimes!!

4:46 PM  

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