Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Yes! The other agent wants the whole manuscript!

The other agent I'd queried about my book sent me an email today, requesting the whole ms. That means that at least two publishing professionals liked the first 3 chapters. That's gotta count for something! I'll send it off this weekend. I actually have an agent appointment with this agent at the Colorado Romance Writers convention here in Denver in May. She may or may not have time to read the ms before then. If she likes it, we can talk about possibilities. If she doesn't, well, I guess I cancel the appointment and give the time to someone else. Although, I'm not sure there are many chick lit/women's fiction-type writers in the CRW chapter. I could be wrong. I haven't met all that many members yet. I also got a wild hair and sent 3 chapters to Anne Sowards of ACE (she was always one of my targeted publishers--she likes Laurell K. Hamilton and Charlaine Harris) and 3 chapters to the new person at Tor who wants chick lit w/a different slant: Not the usual NY/LA shopping, shoe-focused, etc., twenty-something. That's my story! Anyway. I couldn't just sit around moping -- which I have been doing WAY too much of lately. Mostly I'm fine with having a story that is for a "specialized" market. If someone likes my writing, they really like it. If they don't like it, they really don't like it. My line of work should have prepared me for all kinds of behavior from people, but sometimes I'm surprised by the depth of unkindness that seems to go along with online communications. Maybe it's the illusion of distance. I'm getting much better at not taking stuff personally. Well, a little better, anyway. After being a professional singer/musician for so many years and doing literally hundreds of auditions (I can state with pride that no one ever threw eggs or beer bottles at me), you'd think my skin would be permanently thick and coated with Teflon. So far, the professionals like my stuff more than the judges in contests (my stuff isn't romance). Thank heavens for my wonderful, ongoing crit group (Anna, Sable and Pat).


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