Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ah, The Challenges of Summer

It's probably weird for someone born in the Summer (August -- I'm a Leo) to dislike it. Mostly, it's the heat thing. When the temperature gets warmer than about 75, I'm a slug.

I'm blissful when the weather changes every few days (Boulder has so much relentless sunshine!), and the temperature stays between 50-70. I'm sure moving to a cooler environment is in my future.

I used to force myself to roast outside in my bathing suit (I haven't owned one in 20 years), in a futile effort to tan my vampire-white body (another clue to my bloodsucker fixation). I never got tan. I only got emergency-room-level burned and madly freckled. And very sick. Even now, if I take a walk outside in the summer (wearing my wide-brimmed hat and long sleeves) between 11 and 6, I feel like crap. Of course, I've learned not to do that. I used to belong to a health club with an indoor running/walking track. Heaven. But they raised their rates so high that I had to make a new plan.

My business slows in the summer, too. Another yuck factor.

But the upside of that is I have lots of time to work on book #2 and to go through the galleys for book #1 I just got yesterday. What a hoot to see what the pages will actually look like.

So, this year I have more reasons than usual to count the days 'til Fall!


Blogger Jeanne Stein said...

I'm right there with you! Here's to fall!


3:12 PM  

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