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Vampire Television: Moonlight and Blood Ties

I have to admit I'm such a vampire fan that I'll watch almost any show about the undead.

Even really bad movies with very cute actors in the lead vampire roles wind up on my DVD shelf.

I like different things in my vampires than a lot of vamp fans like, and one of my favorite things is when the vamps in a story actually ENJOY being vamps.

I saw Moonlight twice so far. The first time I was less than thrilled by the lead female and the vampire's strange need to rescue humans. But I also found some things I liked. The vampire is a nice looking fellow. He has a good -- but not too snarky or adolescent -- sense of humor. So, I guess the show has possibilities and I'll tune in next week.

It's already being compared/contrasted with Blood Ties.

What do you think?

Did you watch Moonlight last night? Did you like it? Are you a fan of Blood Ties? Which show do you like best and why?

Leave a comment here and I'll choose one commenter next Sunday (October 7). The winner will receive a special surprise. (Please make sure I can find your email address to contact you if you win.)


Blogger Unknown said...

I haven't seen either show on TV (as I work afternoon shift), but, after watching the Moonlight sample you provided on your page...I think it's something I'd watch. Although, it appears to be have the same or a similar storyline—a more mature version of Angel...a vampire set to out save humans...

Blood Ties, I've heard a lot of good things about this, but again, I haven't seen a complete episode. I'd buy the DVD on both probably though. (I collect vampire stories and movies LOL).


9:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I haven't watched Moonlight yet but I did tape it. I don't even know much about it. I just taped it because it has vampires. I am the same, I will check out anything with vampires. :)

I do watch Blood Ties and I love it. I even downloaded the whole season to my Ipod. Very sexy show. I can't wait for it to return.

9:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I live in New Zealand and we just don't get interesting shows like that....I've never heard of either until now. It sounds like something I would love to see... gotta love the vampire movies... even the really bad ones.

9:41 PM  
Blogger Ana said...

I also watch anything with vampires. I love watching Blood Ties. I liked the episode of Moonlight, it is like Angel. But I am definitely going to see the next show.

9:45 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

since just seen 1 episode of moonlight, i like it , but to compare it o blood ties, it just like any other show, that there is 2 of, same but differnt
though the vampire in moonlight looks alot more cuter!

9:51 PM  
Blogger Dark1Angel8 said...

The only thing about Moonlight that annoyed me, besides the lead female, is the fact St Clair was out running around during broad daylight (kind of a cheesy Blade rip off) even if he kept to the shadows and wore sunglasses. He's such a hottie though. I think the show will grow on me.

10:25 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I haven't watched Blood Ties yet. So I really can't compare them, but I defintely loved Moonlight.

The vamp was really cute. I loved the storyline as well. It really kept me involved until the end.

10:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I watched Moonlight Friday and enjoyed it. The lead/vampire is a Baldwing (do they still say that, lol) and I like the chemistry/past ties he has with the female lead/romantic interest, so I'll definitely watched it next week.

I haven't watched Blood Ties yet.

11:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I haven't seen the Blood Ties now on TV, although I did read the books. I did see a 1991 TV movie, Blood Ties, that was also about vampires. It was sexy and violent, I liked it a lot.

Regarding Moonlight, which I did see, the lead carried the show. He seemed to enjoy being a vampire, yet he did not camp it up. He played his part with humor and sincerity. There could have been more emotion when he cooked his ex-wife, but she was clearly a bitch so maybe he was over her.

The side story of the rich vampire tempting the hero is interesting and a good cultural contrast. If the female lead is struck by lightening they can replace her in 10 minutes, she is a generic blond.

I love vampire and werewolf books and movies. One thing I always keep in mind is that the rules for the creatures vary from source to source. I try not to expect them to act like the creatures in other material.

11:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I watched Moonlight twice last night because I liked it so much. The storyline is unique and the lead character should be quite interesting given his background.

I haven't seen Blood Ties but I enjoyed Forever Knight and Kindred: The Embraced. I think that would have been an interesting show, given experience with the live action role playing game. If only Mark Frankel hadn't died. They should revive it in a different city.

11:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I, like you, will tune in anything about vampires just to see what it is like. I have even gotten my daughter hooked on vampire shows! =)I hadn't heard about Blood Ties, however I would watch it.

I happened to catch Moonlight last night as it was between two shows that I watched last year. I enjoyed it. I also thought it was amusing having Rudolf Martin play a 'vampire wannabe' given he played Dracula in the Buffy vs Dracula episode and he played Vlad in Dark Prince: The True Story of Dracula on Sci-fi.

The man who played Mick was very nice eye candy. I didn't mind the lead female so much and the previews for upcomming episodes does make me want to watch more. It looks very entertaining.


11:48 PM  
Blogger Evang said...

You asked: What do you think?
Did you watch Moonlight last night? Did you like it? Are you a fan of Blood Ties? Which show do you like best and why?

What did I think when I first saw a preview of Moonlight was first that yeah a new Vamp must make a point of watching it or DVR'ing it if I can't watch it. My Second thought was...hummm kind of reminds me of Angel - Good Vamp with a deep desire to save the human race from the evil out there.

Then I saw it Friday night right after watching Ghost Whisper (love that show too *grin*) and had to admit that I'm looking forward to the next episode. I actually rather liked the way it showed he actually had a tie to the reporter as a guardian since she was a young girl. Reminded me of some of the Vampire stories (and please forgive me as I do not remember the authors but I did love them and still have them packed away *blush*) where the story entailed how the vampires were tied to certain humans due to a rare blood illness that caused their bodies to need blood transfers often or they would die. The only way those humans would survive was to be turned by the one vampire connected to them who lived only for them.The Rare Blood illness was called; I want to say The Belledonna Strain, which I think was written by Maggie Shayne; but it might have been another author similar to her work. Anyway Moonlight reminds me a bit of that and I can't wait to see how things play out with this one. Plus it helps that the Vampire's rather good looking too.

Now on to Blood Ties: I've seen previews of Blood Ties lately but never had the chance to see it when it came about earlier this year. I'm going to watch it on iTunes tomorrow but........
Blood Ties reminds me a great deal of another TV Series which I LOVED called : Forever Knight. Only the vampire in Forever Knight was a cop and not a Writer and the lady was a pathologist who became his closest friend and created a special synthetic blood to help Nick Knight be able to spend limited time in the Sun with out being hurt. Tended to make his job as a Detective on the graveyard shift a bit easier if he had to work a bit over time. Course it was always funny that he drove a really great classic Convertible with it's windows tinted super dark. But again I've not seen any episodes other than clips of Blood Ties and there ends the similarity in my opinion to Forever Knight.
I look forward to seeing Blood Ties (which I learned after checking online looks to re-air Oct.13) as I believe it's a show I will enjoy just as much as I did the TV show Spelling did called Kindred - The Embraced (before Buffy and Angel if I remember right as I was still in High School when Kindred came out LOVED it too!); Forever Knight and as I said Buffy and Angel too.

I look forward to seeing how Moonlight plays out and if it survives a full season. I will definitely watch Blood Ties (after I see what I've missed thanks to iTunes that is *lol*). I LOVE Vampire/Werewolf type books,movies and TV series and my daughter's the same (she's only 11 too but she's been pestering me to let her read some of my vampire romance stories *laugh*.)

I also look forward to picking up your book just as soon as I can. Hopefully I can find it at Barnes and Nobles. When I find a book that I love; I end up keeping so that I can re-read them at my leisure.

Blessings and congratulations on your book being published!

Risa (Kelli_Shannon Ravenswing)

11:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was so thrilled when blood ties came out and I watched every episode even though it was a little dissappointing. i mainly watched it because the actress was from the crow stairway to heaven and i love that show, and the plot reminded me of the laurell k hamilton anita blake novels. however the series didnt folllow the tanya huff novels at all, the special effects were weak, and the stories were wrapped up to quickly and neatly understandably since they only had an hour. When I watched moonlight first thing isaid to my self was hmmm she looks like Kate winslet, and I loved her in the miss marple series. anywho love that the vamp is australian just wish he could have kept his accent. i found the first episode kind of dry , and predictable, although i do like the cast, the tech guy ffrom alias, the brother from selina as the morgue vamp, and the girl from real world i think her name was tammy as the tmz type news headquarters boss. i will give it a try, and continue watching because it comes on at a good time when there is nothing else on. I just hope that it isnt quite so predictable or adolescent in the future. and ofcourse I will be watching blood ties no matter how bad it gets. i just wish that we could have a different type of vamp show not one where they go after the bad guys and have to protect some woman, that they fall in love with, and are always rich, why cant they be more normal and attainable, someone that could hang out with the girl next door, even take care of kids. hopefully if we keep watching the lame ones people will take notice and it will become a new trend and we will have more vamp shows to choose from. and honestly by the title i kind of thought it was going to be about werewolves wich i would have loved even more. cross your fingers that might be next..

12:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Lynda :)

I am not very likely to see either of these TV programmes as I live in Bonnie Scotland (where you are not allowed to put anything on TV unless it is related to kilts, football or whisky) and I do not have satellite or cable TV. They do sound interesting though so I will keep any eye out for them if they ever make it onto Region 2 DVD. I especially like the sound of the Blood Ties series, as I liked the Tanya Huff books.
I have to say I am always a bit wary of books I like being made into films or TV programmes. I am currently awaiting delivery of the Dresden Files on DVD and while looking forward to it, as I love Jim Butcher, a wee bit of me is expecting to be disappointed.
Good luck with the release of your book and bright Autumnal blessings!

4:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I gotta admit, I was very skeptical when I first heard about Blood Ties the TV show. I thought 'oh no not another lame attempt at a vamp show'. So, in viewing the pilot of Blood Ties I thought not bad, slow at first and may have some potentials. I followed up on it week after week. I was hooked! The vamp is hot, like they should be. Sure it's a bit cheesy, but hey... having a Henry on the screen is so worth my time!

As for Moonlight, yes it did sound like some kind of Angel version. The vamp, is eh.. not THAT bad looking. But I'm sure he'll grow on me too.

For the most part, I hate to get hooked on a show and find out that it was canceled. But I'm crossing my fingers that Moonlight will stick around for at least a couple of season, maybe more. We hope.

There have been a handful of vamp shows that weren't truly successful compared to Angel.

Blood Ties has my vote for now. Moonlight I need for it to evolve into something that is a "must-see-tv". I know such high hopes. Humor me. LOL

6:34 AM  
Blogger Laura Elliott said...

I blogged about Moonlight as well. There were a few points I forgot to mention. Notice how the lead guy's name is Mick St. John? What a completely unterrifying name. It screams "I'm a good guy." And he does look like a good guy. He has great pouty lips and kind eyes. What a sexy dresser too. But it didn't explain why he needs to save humans. I understand why he's looking out for Beth - his vampire maker took her and maybe he feels responsible for that.

6:54 AM  

I watch Blood Ties because I like the heroine and her kick-ass attitude. Even the cop is good in his role. Henry? Too young and too teenie-bopping looking for my tastes. I've heard readers saying he would make a perfect Ash in the Dark Hunter series and cringe every time. The guy can't act; his hair is funny; and he just isn't convincing as a vamp. That said, I really like the show.

Wish they'd kept the Dresden Files but that's for another day.

Moonlight? Yes, the guy is dead-on...pardon the pun...cute but what's with his hair? Craig Ferguson joked about it Friday night on his show saying it was poofy. Poofy isn't quite how I'd describe it but it is rather...well...odd.
No, I don't have a hair fetish but I like my heroes to have hair I'd like to sink my fingers into. His isn't and Henry's just make me shudder. I want to take a pair of scissors to that mess like you wouldn't believe!

As for the show...well, it has potential. I didn't like the female lead, either. I saw no chemistry there but maybe it will come. I like his attitude. It has just the right amount of smarmy. I liked it better when he got seriously pissed. The actor playing the professor is making a name for himself playing bad guys. He didn't do a very good job in this show, though. The actor playing Joseph should be older, more worldly-wise and less bratty for the character to really work.

All in all, I hope the show flies. The coming attractions looked good. If the writers can maintain a sense of urgency, put in more ooomph, the show has a chance. Otherwise, it will be like the same pedestrian crap Sci-Fi Channel insists on serving up. The one thing I really liked and gave two thumbs up to was Mick (or is it Nick? I could swear his PI license said Nick but I'm getting old and my eyesight ain't what it used to be!) But I digress. I like the fact that he injected himself with the blood. I created my Reapers to take their Sustenance with Vac-Syringes so that really caught my attention and that of many of my readers who wrote to tell me it caught theirs, too.

9:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I happened to catch Moonlight and I enjoyed watching it. The lead actor Alex O'Laughlin is really easy on the eyes and his character Mick St. John had me hooked from the get go. Not sure how I feel about the female lead though. It also felt like the chemistry between the two characters was a little strained. Hopefully everything will even out as the series progresses. All in all I liked the premise of the show. The only thing that really bothered me about the vampire was the color of his eyes when he changed. Did anyone else have a problem with that?

Now for Blood Ties. I fell in love with this show from the start. It's refreshing to find a vampire who's comfortable in his skin. Henry looks like he really enjoys his vampiric ways, evident by the way he likes to seduce his victims.Kyle Schmid is only 23 years old, but he is able to pull off playing a 450+ vampire with relative ease. I'm anxiously waiting for this show to come back in October. And I can't wait for the DVD's to come out.

All in all I have to say that I like both shows with equal fervor.

9:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, I love a sexy vampire. This St. John fellow fits that bill nicely. I'm like you, Lynda, will watch almost anything with vamps. Missed both of these...but plan to catch them this week.

Speaking of sexy about Gerard Butler in Dracula 2000. Mmmm...bite me, honey. lol.

11:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've seen Moonlight and Blood Ties and loved both programs. I can't wait to see more. In Moonlight, I like the character's quirky humor and his sense of honor to protect innocents. His tie to the reporter just adds to the allure. You know she won’t let it go that she knows him. She will hunt down the truth and of course confront him about it because let’s face it—she’s a reporter. She needs the scoop. St. John’s centuries-old vampire friend who doesn’t quite understand St. John’s ethics is sure to cause some problems in the future.

Blood Ties: I like how strong Vicki is. She doesn’t let the fact that she is losing her sight slow her down in the least. She’s opened minded to thing otherworldly and sets out to keep her metropolitan city safe. I love the little subtle love triangle thing that is going with Vicki, Henry, the hunky vampire and her ex-partner, Mike. No one quite comes out and admits their real feelings. It just ads sparks and something to look forward to. Will Vicki pick Henry or Mike or neither. Foreplay can be so much fun. You don’t want it to be over too soon. (LOL)

Love Vampires too!
Take Care,

Karen Michelle Nutt

11:29 AM  
Blogger Margaret Carter said...

I didn't get as excited about MOONLIGHT as I wanted to, but I'll definitely keep watching it. I was *delighted* that the vampire can go out in daylight. I'm so tired of those "burn up in sunlight" vampires (also the ones who can't stay awake at all by day). None of the classic fictional vampires had that problem, and folklore is silent about what happens if an exclusively nocturnal type of vampire (some folklore vampires aren't) can't get back to his grave by dawn. The silent film NOSFERATU invented the "death by sunlight" motif.

Similarity to BLOOD TIES -- not all that noticeable, IMO. Similarities to FOREVER KNIGHT -- quite a few, as pointed out on the Vampyres mailing list.

1:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love Blood Ties! I did watch Moonlight and I enjoyed it but the idea that the vamp is only 60 years old seems well....okay I am used to the 300 year old vamps that is all I guess.

I love Blood Ties. It very much reminds me of Forever Knight. the Canadian series, Blood Ties and Forever Knight are both made in Canada, seem to be better than a lot of the US ones to me anyway.

I have Forever Knight on DVD all three seasons and its one of my favorite shows!

1:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I missed Moonlight, but just watched the first episode from the CBS site online & will definitely be catching it from now on.

I love Blood Ties & can't wait for the new season to start.

I didn't think the two shows were too similar at all.

In Blood Ties you have a human female lead caught between her safer love for a human & her less safe desire for a vamp.

In Moonlight you have a male vamp lead pining over the girl he saved years ago who doesn't know what he is or that he's been watching out for her all this time.

Sure they're both detective shows - but so are half of the popular shows on TV.

Both vamps are hot - although the one on Blood Ties is a bit more dangerous & mysterious. He gets my blood boiling a bit faster - while the Moonlight vamp is more of a slow burn.

As far as them following the rules of being a vamp - I think one of the coolest things about writing fantasy is taking an existing mythology that everyone recognizes or resonates w/ & changing the rules to suit your story. The better job you do, the more believable your world becomes.

And I found both Blood Ties & Moonlight to be believable.

Dawn Addonizio ;)

P.S. Congratulations on your book!

2:10 PM  
Blogger Filmseye said...

I have watched both shows and I have to say that I'm very easy when it comes to vampire shows. I watch them all. I have watched just about all vampire shows out there. I even watched Blade on Spike TV last year and its was terrible.
Now, I've seen where a lot of people have compared Moonlight to Angel. I'm going to be honest and say I really don't see that. Other than the vampires are both detectives I don't see the connection. But I'm kinda over the whole detective/vampire thing. Its getting boring and predictable.

I liked the premise of Moonlight where Mick St. John is searching for love. A lot of times the vampire shows are all about fighting crime or the paranormal and they throw in the love aspect later, just to keep it interesting. The love angle is first and foremost here and the detecting part is next. The scene where we first see them together there was something about it that I can't explain. Its like he finally gets to talk to her after watching her from afar. You could almost see the longing in his expression. I don't know, maybe I'm adding something that's not there.
I also liked how they let the vampires look as normal as possible. No uber pasty skin. No dressing them in all black.
I did think it was funny that two of the other actors in the show have already played vamprires. The lead actress played one in the Underground movies and the professor was Dracula in Buffy vs. Dracula (not to mention he played Vlad in the USA Network's true story of Dracula).
I've watched Moonlight several times and each time I like it more and more. I like that fact that the vampires can go out into the daylight. I think that leaves the writers with more options and better plotlines. It gives the actors more to play with, too.

As for Blood Ties, I love it. I like the quick one liners between the two main characters. Not to mention the actor who plays Henry is freakin' HOT! That always helps. Don't get me wrong, it could use some work but over all its a good show. I haven't read the original stories by Huff but I was told the show really wasn't like the books so I haven't picked them up.

I'm going to keep watching both. In fact, I'm waiting on pins and needles until Blood Ties starts up again.

Heather Roebuck

2:29 PM  

Speaking of sexy about Gerard Butler in Dracula 2000. Mmmm...bite me, honey. lol.

Oh, yes. Definately sexy but the movie sucked...pun intended. I have to admit, thought, the premise of the movie...the parallel between the vampire and Judas Iscariot was great. The thirty pieces of silver, alone, just meshed into the story. Butler was the inspiration for my Prime Reaper, Kamerone Cree, so I've been partial to him since the late 90s.

Has anyone seen Perfect Creature? Dougray Scott plays a vampire priest in this movie. I bought a copy and loved the movie. One of the rare vamp movies I've cared for in the last few years.

7:25 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

My first thought on Moonlight was "A vampire private investigator helping people in LA, could it be any more 'Angel?'" But I loved Angel (and Buffy) so I totally set my dvr for it.

I really enjoyed the pilot, insomuch as you can enjoy any pilot, and look forward to seeing how the show progresses. The writers have already set up some intriguing character relationships, and I do want to see how things will go from there.

I also prefer when a vampire embraces and/or enjoys their vampiness, but you can't discount the allure of the long suffering brooder. And it seems we will get both in this show, as St Claire's old vamp buddy seems quite comfy with hisself.

All in all I'll keep watching, and now that I've seen mention of it, I am going to download bloodties and check it out too.

And congrats on the book! How exciting! I am on my way to amazon now to add it to my wishlist!

8:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blood Ties I loved. Loved the books and love the series. The casting choices there were well done the chemistry between the actors is amazing. The stories they are presenting are extremely well done and thought out as well. Haven't missed an episode yet and can't wait for it to restart with more monsters and stories, and with luck more shirtless scenes with Henry.

Moonlight reminded me of Forever Knight. The protecting humans, the older vampire getting him to stop other monsters, he's a detective that doesn't really care for feeding from humans. I dunno maybe just me. It has a good premise from the opener I saw just have to wait and see how it goes in the next couple of episodes.

8:54 PM  
Blogger Rosie said...

I'm totally hooked on Blood Ties, not so much on Moonlight. But I'll give it a few more episodes before making a final decision.

I love the whole storyline with Blood Ties and can't wait to see if they finally let Henry and Vickie get together. Their sexual tension is driving me crazy! I don't think I could have held out as long as she has. LOL!!

12:05 PM  
Blogger danetteb said...

Happy Release Day Lynda!

I loved Blood Ties and was upset that it only lasted one season, The two leads were a good pair.

I missed Moonlight, I've got to check if its on the net.

Hugs, Danette

1:02 PM  
Blogger smartblonde8302 said...

I don't usually like tv shows better than novels, but in the case of Blood Ties, I love the show! It is much more entertaining than the novels. I need to get my vampire fix somewhere now that Buffy is off the air.

3:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really love Blood Ties and am counting the days 'til it's back on! wasn't really impressed with cBS' watered down version, kind of reminded me of that old late night vamp show with the that Nick Night(?) fellow just not as good.

8:33 PM  
Blogger Lynda Hilburn said...

Thanks so much to everyone for participating! I loved reading all the comments. And I really appreciate all the kind words about my book. Yes, it's incredibly exciting!! Yay! Here's hoping all the paranormal programs keep getting better and they all get renewed!

10:11 PM  
Blogger Devid said...

Moonlight is an interesting show.I am a hug fan of the show.So i was Looking to watch Moonlight again and again.So i have downloaded the show.Really the Stuff i got to watch it very Cool.

2:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a big fan of horror and suspense thriller series. Moonlight TV Show is one from them. I like this show very much. I always watch this show online on every Saturday.

6:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ron Koslow and Trevor Munson has created such a wonderful and romantic series. This is one of the best vampires show with well written story and having well talented cast. I really like Moonlight Episodes

3:40 AM  

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