Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sirens Conference in Vail This Weekend

I'm heading up to the mountains on Friday for the Sirens conference. It sounds like fun. Very different from other cons I've attended. They've been really nice about having the book store order copies of my books since I'm a local author. I hadn't expected that. I though I'd just drag some up with me and sell them on consignment at the store. I'll take some extras (eternal optimist) but it will be nice for them to already be there.
It's supposed to snow up there tomorrow, but the roads should be clear by Friday afternoon. I love driving up to the mountains but am not a fan of driving in snow. Snow on mountain roads just seems more terrifying to me, for some reason. As if no matter how far away from the edge of the cliffs I'm driving, I'll be dragged over the ledge by unseen forces.

I've been incredibly excellent about staying on my low carb eating for the last almost-9 weeks (feeling MUCH better) and I just might give myself some leeway up at the resort in Vail. I mean, how often do I get to stay in a fancy ski town hotel, surrounded by tempting opportunities to eat and drink?
I'll post my impressions of the con (hopefully my new little netbook will work) during the weekend.


Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Lynda :)
Congratulations on going to the Sirens Conference. I think it's awesome the bookstore has loaded up in copies of your novel!
The picture is breathtakingly beautiful, thank you for posting it.
All the best,

4:54 AM  
Blogger Kathy Mac said...

Hey Linda: Been reading your books which I picked up at Sirens -- enjoying them immensely, thanks!

Kathy Mac

5:27 PM  

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