Sunday, December 04, 2011

Book Description and Keynote for Blood Therapy

I got an email from my British publisher a while back, giving me a draft of their thoughts about the book description and keynote for my new book #2 in the Kismet Knight series, BLOOD THERAPY. I think both could use a little more juice. What do you think? How would YOU write them?

BLOOD THERAPY book description (for the British version):

Psychologist Kismet Knight needs to take a break from the strange world she’s fallen into – and from Devereux, the sexy-as-hell master vampire who rules it. Her annual presentation at the American Psychological Association’s yearly conference in New York City seems like the perfect escape – especially when Alan Stevens, the cute FBI profiler, arranges to meet her there. They may be just friends, but who says friends can’t fancy each other? And at least he can’t read her mind. But it’s not long before Kismet’s new life intrudes. The monster who stalked her three months earlier still has plans for her, her bloodsucking clients won’t leave her alone, and there are ghosts haunting the hotel. On top of that, Kismet finds herself in a sticky romantic situation – and she’s run out of time. No one is coming out of the madness unscathed, and nothing will ever be the same for Kismet, Alan or Devereux.


Vampire shrink Kismet Knight needs a break from her sexy-as-hell vampire lover, and a conference in NYC is the perfect excuse – but Kismet’s about to discover her bloodsucking new clients just can’t leave her alone!


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When is Blood Therapy being released?

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