Friday, October 05, 2007

More Moonlight and Twilight, the movie

It will come as no surprise that I watched the second week of Moonlight tonight. As I said before, I'm a major vampire fan. I really love all the various forms of the mythology. I'm trying to like this show. I want as many paranormal programs to succeed as possible.

I thought the blond actress was better in her role tonight. More subtle. The story was interesting. I definitely think the vampire is nice looking. I know others have expressed displeasure about his hair, but it's my favorite thing about him. Short-haired vampires just don't press my lust buttons. But there were several times in the episode tonight when he came very close to being Too Stupid a Vampire to Exist. I know he's only supposed to have been undead for 50 years, but even a human learns a thing or two in 50 years. Or maybe he's just naive.

And even though I get tired of the angst-ridden vampire -- the tortured soul who believes he's a monster -- I am into sensitive guys. To a point. I think what I'm missing in Moonlight is the edge of danger. Mick St. John just doesn't seem like a badass to me. On any level. I don't need him to be all alpha. It's entirely possible to be dangerous without flexing a muscle or dominating a female. Now, that doesn't mean that I won't continue to tune in, hoping he'll allow himself to revel in his vampireness. Just go ahead and bite someone, Mick. You don't have to kill her/him. Just a snack. See? All better. Naughty vampires have much more fun.
But so far, I'm not as excited as I'd like to be.

Wait, am I talking about vampire television or my dating life?

Anyway, I read on Marta's Vampire Wire blog (Marta Acosta, that Stephanie Meyer's Twilight is going to be a movie. I really enjoyed that book (and the next 2) and hope they don't screw it up. Note to movie makers: Twilight is a character book. About the people. Their thoughts/feelings. It's a sweet love story. Just a reminder.


Anonymous Cheerleader Of Doom said...

I too have been watching Moonlight, which I'm almost ashamed to say. lol I agree Mick just isn't badass enough, in yesterday's show which I won't go into details on, it earned many an eyeroll. Like the whole headbutting the window scene or letting him shoot himself, please! What happened to that super speed of his? Should have just killed him in the bathroom before trying to talk him to death....of course I suppose that would have made for a very short show indeed. lol Overall, its not all together bad, but it definately does have some room for improvement. They should totally just ask all us "vampire experts" out here. ;-) Great blog, btw.


8:19 AM  
Blogger Rae L. said...

I highly agree. The show as well as Mick needs more edge. I felt bad that I was almost rooting for the bad guy because he had more spirit in his role than Mick did!

I would like the show more if they bring something new to the table. I *heart* Forever Knight because Geraint Wyn Davies really made you feel for Nick's plight. (Not to mention willingly wanting to offer a neck to him! hehe)

I'll probably keep watching as long as it laughs partly in hopes of it getting better and partly because I love vampires just too darn much. ;-)

Looking forward to reading your book btw. The cover caught my eye over at Vampire Wire & Vampire Genre. :-)


9:25 PM  
Blogger Lynda Hilburn said...

CoD: Thanks for the good words about the blog! I appreciate it. Yeah! They definitely should've asked us vampire experts! grin

Dear Rae: Yeah. I'll keep watching, too. Just can't pass up any vampires. No matter what. I'm glad my cover caught your eye! Thanks for mentioning Vampire Genre, because I just went over there and saw my review. I'm so glad Vicky liked my book! Yay!!

10:06 PM  

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