Sunday, January 01, 2006

Jim Butcher News

I'm sure half the universe already knows these things, but I'll post it here for the other half. And to be supportive of an author I like both personally and as a reader. Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden (The Dresden Files) books will be coming to a SciFi TV channel near you. The first book in the series (Storm Front) is being loosely adapted to become a tv series. I have reread these books several times now and find something new to laugh out loud about every time. I hope the tv writers/actors, etc. can pull off the subtle, clever humor in the books. Often, what Hollywood thinks is good, isn't. Anyway, yay!! I encourage you all to tune in and support Jim (a delightful fellow) and his paranormal writing.

Also, there's a new conference -- ButcherCon 2006 -- coming this year. Jim is holding a gathering for writers and fans just outside Chicago (the setting for The Dresden Files), October 20-22. Registrations are being taken now. Check out Jim's website for all the latest:

One thing, though. Paul Blackthorne has been cast as Harry, which is fine with me. He mostly looks the part. But am I hallucinating, or does Harry have longer hair in the books? Maybe even a tail? Perhaps that's just wishful thinking on my part. Maybe I'm getting the author mixed up with the character? I definitely look forward to when longer hair comes back into fashion for men.


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