Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Back from RT

The Romantic Times Convention was hectic, exhausting and enjoyable. I did back-to-back tarot readings for the first three days I was there, and got to meet lots of wonderful romance fans and many delightful authors. It was a reality check for me to listen to those authors -- some very successful and well-known -- talk about their ongoing concerns with various publishing issues. Clearly, the things we worry about just change slightly as we move up the success ladder. They never go away.

One of the highlights of my trip (in addition to drinking lots of margaritas while staring mindlessly at the ocean) was having warm, funny and wonderful author Karen Kelley ( as my roommate. Karen made the whole trip a hundred times better for me. She could relate to my tendency to isolate when overwhelmed by too much "group energy," and we managed (as women often do) to create an immediate sense of intimacy through sharing our life stories with each other. Please check out Karen's books. You'll love her and them.

I also got to have a couple of chats with funny cover model C.J. Hollenbach (I can't help it. I'm likely to put on my psychotherapist hat at the mere whisper of intrigue!).

But, I'm glad to be home. Florida is a little too warm for me and I was so happy to feel the cool air when I headed back from the airport in Denver to my home in Boulder. I think I've gotten my travel itch scratched for the next few months.


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