Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Long and Winding Road . . .

is more than just the title of a Lennon/McCartney song. It's the reality of the publishing business. I thought it was time to give a little update on my journey through the maze. My agent is still shopping Vampire Shrink. Seems several editors enjoyed reading the manuscript, but nobody jumped up and down (yet) and said, "yeah, gotta have it." Frustratingly, the comments often center around the time issue: wish it had come in earlier in the "vampire" craze. It has been gratifying to have some editors really wrestle with the decision (before plunging the knife in my heart -- hey, I'm a writer. We can be drama queens. It's expected.) . I go back and forth between hopeful and resigned. The fat lady hasn't sung yet, so anything can happen. On the short-story front, it's been great to sell "Diary of a Narcissistic Bloodsucker" to Inara Press and to have their delightful publisher (Dawn Seewer, www.InaraPress.com) ask me to do more short stories with the same characters. I'm also working on my first attempt at "spicy." So far it's fun, but not something I want Mom to see, so this one will definitely go out under one of my pen names. So, wish me luck and send me "yes" vibes. I'll do the same for you.


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