Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Lisa Logan: Funny, Crazy, Upsetting Publishing Stories

My New Pen Name is...Dr. Seuss??? Yet another little entry to file under, "This Could Only Happen To Me."

My first novel, VISIONS, released on Jan. 30 as planned. The listing appeared on sellers with no problem.

Then a Borders employee complained she couldn't find my title.

Curious, I started checking listings. Barnes and Noble had the following interesting take on my title: "VISIONS, authored/illustrated by DR.SEUSS."


Apparently, Dr. Seuss changed genres from children's writing to romantic mystery...fifteen years after his death! Now, I'm as big a fan of Cat in the Hat as any, but figured I couldn't sit by and let this guy take credit for my work.

Enter my publisher, who never had anything like this happen before. They scrambled for weeks to have the error corrected. After all, Dr. Seuss may have great name-brand recognition, but we doubted that would translate well to the romance world.

Incidentally, once the error was fixed another took its place. B&N stores now list VISIONS as a "graphic novel," and my nice little romance sits sandwiched between Batman and Spiderman adaptations. One wonders why stores so desperately want my romance novel to feature full illustrations!


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