Saturday, June 23, 2007

Pamela Kinney: Funny, Crazy, Upsetting Publishing Stories

I have a happy story: The day I received my traditional small press advanced copy of Haunted Richmond, Virginia.

It was in May, about a week till Memorial Day and I went outside, stepping onto my front porch. Now UPS has a habit of leaving anything sent by UPS to us on the porch after only one knock. I looked to my left and saw a box there from my publisher, Schiffer Books. I thought at the time it must be the promo items I had asked them to send for a convention I worked as Publicity Director for, back in April. I wondered why they were sending the items this late? I went back inside, put the box on the couch and opened it. A bottle of white wine lay there.


Then I spied something wrapped underneath the bottle. I took it out, unwrapped it, and there in my hands was this gorgeous book. I shook and my stomach cramped as excitement filled me. Dear God, it was Haunted Richmond, Virginia! I found a note with it from Dinah Roseberry, my editor, telling me this was my advanced copy and the rest of the books would be at Schiffer's warehouse in 4-6 weeks.

I went crazy. I danced with the book to the computer/sewing room and called my editor. We chatted for over a half hour. Once I got off with her, I called my husband on the cell phone. After that, emailed all my friends. I had been writing a fiction story at the time, but forget it--I wasn't any good working on it or doing anything.

I had published books before, but none were by a traditional publisher who would get my book into Barnes and Noble and Borders. I had entered the ranks of those before me and the shock roared through my system for two days before I finally calmed down enough to go back and write. But before that happened I carried that book everywhere. My husband said I was like a kid with a new toy.

It was glorious, the most awe-inspiring thing I ever felt. My dream I had since I was a kid was realized.


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