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Guest Blogger: Eilis Flynn

The winner of Eilis's book is: PamK! Congrats, Pam. Give me your contact info and I'll send it along to Eilis. Thanks to everyone who participated.

No matter how far out we get, some things remain the same

One of the things I appreciate most about fantasy and science fiction is the universality of the most basic elements. Food, shelter, love, family . . . no matter how exotic and foreign some details get, our characters still have certain needs. In ECHOES OF PASSION, Daegon Bosaru has to protect the good name of his dying father . . . find out who the woman is who's been haunting his dreams for the past twenty years . . . and get some of that good old-fashioned Neoti cooking (um, yes. It didn't occur to me that I actually went into the cuisine of Neotia Prime until I reread the book when I got the final copy). It wasn't intentional, but eating is as basic as you can get with living organisms, right? I couldn't imagine what could evoke memories of home more than the smells of home cooking, no matter if that home is far, far away, or even as alien as alien could be (here's a hint: the dude's green. Very, very green).

Here's a bit more about ECHOES OF PASSION, which is part of the sci-fi Hunters for Hire series, available from Ellora's Cave and Cerridwen Press! Here's a bit about it:

Neotia Prime . . . The home world of the Neoti and the Vozuans was destroyed by a doomsday device twenty years ago, but the troubles and unrest that led to the event still plague those who resettled on the twin planet.

When Daegon Bosaru arrives on the unnamed world, determined to uncover who is out to smear his dying father’s good name, he discovers that the tragedies of that civil war still haunt those who remain. Not only that, the mysterious, beautiful woman he’s been seeing in his dreams over the past twenty years may have information he needs. But when he finally meets Imreen Dal in the flesh, she seems not to know him — and furthermore, she runs from him every time she encounters him. Why?

Rumors persist that the crazed dictator who set off the doomsday device may still be alive . . . with fresh plans for conquest. Bosaru needs to find out how his father, the mysterious Imreen and the madman are related . . . and stop another world from being destroyed.

You can find it now at:

Now, what kind of food smells evokes memories for you? For me, it's the smell of roasting sweet potatoes on a cold winter morning. One lucky person who comments will win a download of INTRODUCING SONIKA (and come to think of it, there's food in that book too -- but that's plain old-fashioned human food)!

ECHOES OF PASSION, on sale now

The winner of Eilis's book will be selected and posted on Tuesday evening. Stop by to see if you've won.


Blogger Unknown said...

Sounds great!

6:29 PM  
Blogger Caffey said...

Hi Eilis! I remember first time getting into fantasy and SF was in romance ebooks! Prior to that I really don't remember reading any in that genre. The more I read, the more it was so neat to read the 'world' the author creates for the book(s). Love reading about your world for this series! How many books you have between the two publishers for this series and are there more coming?

Since I don't hear, I use my other senses alot, not so much smelling for it but I tend to use them all more to help me. I love the scent of vanilla. It reminds me of milk shakes and ice cream! I love more of vanilla than chocolate! Vanilla too reminds me of sugar cookies (I can't even have sugar now but they have this all in substitute sugar and its great too). So I often will crave that when I smell those!

11:17 PM  
Blogger Pamk said...

coffee in the morning reminds me of my dad. It was something he always had to have and I mean had to have.

1:22 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Eilis!

Coffee reminds me of home, mornings with my parents, toasty winter mornings.

Sounds great!

Dottie :)

2:50 PM  
Blogger Caffey said...

Congrats PamK

8:35 PM  

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