Sunday, October 17, 2010

My new short story, Diary of a Narcissistic Bloodsucker is live on Amazon Kindle! And Halloween Kindle Giveaway!

Happy Halloween, everyone! I was blown away by the number of participants in the Halloween Kindle Giveaway. I hope everyone enjoyed meeting all the authors who helped with the contest. I wrote everyone's name on a little slip of paper, put them all in my mini-coffin, and chose a winner. The winner is: Tara Woods from Alabama. I have sent an email to Tara. Once again, I sincerely appreciate the amazing support and enthusiasm. Thanks so much to you all!

Here's the buy link for Diary of a Narcissistic Bloodsucker:

Halloween/Samhain is my favorite holiday, and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to have some fun with it. How better to celebrate this spooky time of year than by giving away another of my favorite things: a Kindle! I purchased my own Kindle a few months back, and became instantly addicted. I'd been one of those readers who said I'd "never read electronically." I couldn't imagine not holding a paper book in my hands. But I've since discovered I don't have to choose: I can love all forms of the written word. Having Kindle versions of my books has brought me hundreds of new readers. Ebooks truly are an exciting option for the future.

I'd like to thank all the paranormal authors who joined with me to participate in this excellent Halloween event!

Here are the rules to enter the giveaway:

Go to the website of each author listed below, answer the two questions (you'll find the answers somewhere on each website) for every author, and send me an email with all the answers to:

Please include all your contact information with your entry.

I will collect those emails, put your names in my mini-coffin, and will select a winner of the Kindle on the night of October 31. The winner's name will be posted on the blog and I'll send you an email.

To make sure no answers are posted in the comments section, I have turned off comments for this post. It wouldn't be fair if someone could just pick up the answers from the comments without visiting all the authors' websites. Part of the fun of this giveaway is introducing new readers to the work of all these wonderful authors.

One entry per person, please. Thank you for participating!

Halloween Kindle Giveaway Authors:

Lynda Hilburn
Question #1) What are the names of the two men who came to Kismet's office unexpectedly?
Question #2) What kept Luna from drinking Kismet dry?

Angelique Armae
Question #1) Which archangel trained Isabel in Shadows of the Soul?
Question #2) What is the name of the book listing fallen angels who fell from grace during the fall of Eden?

Heidi Betts
Question #1) Three of the character names in the blurb on the back of The Bite Before Christmas are incorrect (one last name, two first names). What are the correct character names in the story?
Question #2) What is the name of Heidi’s Halloween vampire giveaway, running until October 30, 2010?

Danielle Bourdon
Question #1) What is the name of the bartender?
Question #2) What does Sebastian do to Laurel's phone?

Marilee Brothers
Question #1) What is the name of Marilee's newsletter?
Question #2) What is the name of Marilee's friend who writes the wine column?

Ciar Cullen
Question #1) Name the ancient culture that seems to interest me.
Question #2) Name my most recent release.

Lori Devoti
Question #1) Name two stories Lori has written that contain vampires.
Question #2) Name a creature other than zombies featured in Lori’s 2010 release,
Zombie Moon.

Betsy Dornbusch
Question #1) What magazine do I edit?
Question #2) Who is my latest fangrrl crush?

Sandra Edwards
Question #1) What does Jack (the ghost) want Izzy to do?
Question #2) What does Izzy do for a living after she travels back in time?

Krisi Keley
Question #1) What year did Valéry speak with his cousin Jules about what happened to him following the Children's Crusade?
Question #2) What's the name of the "immortal child" Valéry considers his greatest sin because he made him a vampire for completely selfish reasons?

Monique Martin
Question #1) Where does Simon teach Occult Studies?
Question #2) What does Elizabeth compare her nightmare to?

Phoebe Matthews
Question #1) The sword Tarvik carries once belonged to what warlord?
Question #2) April remembers another life. Where, and what was her stage name?

Karen Michelle Nutt
Question #1) What is Ryden’s reaction to Eli’s kiss?
Question #2) Who speaks to Clarity while she’s sitting in the devil’s chair?

Gloria Oliver
Question #1) What is the sound most dreaded everywhere?
Question #2) How is Clarence punishing Kel?

Nina Pierce
Question #1) What creature of the night is Reese Colton?
Question #2) What kind of shifter is Jayda Kynslan?

Renee Rearden
Question #1) What is the name of Saari Mitchell's adopted sibling?
Question #2) What tops Saari Mitchell's Most Painful Ways To Die list?

Chris Redding

Question #1) What is the name of the woman renting the Grace the apartment?
Question #2) What question does Zach ask Grace at the end?

LK Rigel
Question #1) What is Char afraid she'll run into on Baseline Road?
Question #2) What color is Char's card?

Lynda K. Scott
Question #1) In the excerpt for Heartstone, what does Eric call Keriam when he sees her as an infant?
Question #2) What are Lynda Scott's 3 favorite charities?

Elizabeth Sinclair
Question #1) In Garden of the Moon, what does her mother refer to Sara's ability to see ghosts as?
Question #2) - In Angel Unaware, where was Dora's soul put by accident?

Lia Slater
Question #1) Lia Slater thinks the world would be a better place if everyone did what?
Question #2) What is the hero’s name in Were Blood?

Danielle D. Smith
Question #1) What is Danielle's job other than being an author?
Question #2) Who is the publisher of Psyche's Gate in print?

Rick Taubold
Question #1) Who are the two co-hosts of the Vampires' Blog (All Things Vampire)?
Question #2) Who are the three bad guys mentioned in the two novels?

T. Lynne Tolles
Question #1) Who is Blake Bloomington's girlfriend?
Question #2) What is Devon and Blake's uncle's name?

Vianka Van Bokkem
Question #1)What are the names of the two author ladies who were my inspiration when I wrote my first novel?
Question #2) What do I like to do during winter?