Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Floating in Submission Limbo

I'm writing this entry for myself. To remind myself that various incarnations of my manuscript really are still floating out there in the publishing cosmos. Really. Two agents still have my full (including the one who said the good stuff) and three agents have asked for (and received) 3 chapters and synopsis. One publisher/editor still has the full, and another has had 3 chapters/synopsis for a year. A year. I've queried a few other agents and editors, and skip gleefully to the mailbox (I don't necessary skip on my way to my email box, but I could at any moment) to see who else would like the pleasure of my 3 chapters, etc. I know that mostly good news comes (or so I've heard) through telephone and email, and that only the dreaded rejections show up in the regular mail. I haven't had that experience as much. I have had several SASEs returned to me with a request for more. Along with -- of course -- the xeroxed rejections: The sparsely-worded soul stompers. I'm going to England for a few days and maybe something good will be waiting for me when I get back.


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