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Guest Blogger: Barabara Edwards

About Rhodes End

Writing a story set in a place that doesn’t exist can be tricky.

I started with keeping a notebook about short descriptions.

For example: Did the heroine turn right or left out of her driveway to reach the police station?

A minor detail but she made the drive daily and it did become important since the cemetery is on the same road.

The Town Green is bracketed by a Congregational church and a Catholic church, both old and historical, very typical of New England. The cemetery is old enough to be no longer in use, but still cared for under the perpetual care agreement with the families.

Rhodes End has a lot of double meanings. Who was Rhodes and how did he end? Or is it Road’s end and the final resting place?

The residential areas are studded with older homes, Victorians back to Federal and Colonial. It is a lovely place to visit. Downtown has a number of small boutiques and a coffee shop called the Dew Drop Inn and Café. It has the old vinyl booths and checkerboard floor. Made me want to stop for coffee.

I have drawn a map of Rhodes End to keep my facts straight.

It shows the River, Town recycling area and the police department along with the streets I’ve mentioned. I have it posted at

Here’s a short excerpt of Ancient Blood the recent release, Book Two in the Rhodes End series.

Ancient Blood by Barbara Edwards is available from The Wild Rose Press
Lily Alban escapes a murderous stalker, but his vicious attack leaves her with the ability to see auras. She finds safety in the tiny hamlet of Rhodes End where a stranger stands out like a red light. Try as she might to deny her growing desire for Cole, she seeks his help but soon discovers the man she loves is not a man at all.

Werewolf Cole Benedict resists his attraction to Lily. A botanist researching the healing herbs to find a cure for Lycanthropy, he’s determined to protect Lily from her stalker as well as himself even in human form, but instinct takes over when he changes to his inner beast.

Together they must use their extraordinary gifts to catch Lily’s stalker before he attacks again, but revealing their secrets to one another could destroy their growing love or save them both.


“Lily?” His strong hands gently cupped her shoulders.

“Don’t, please don’t.”

She pulled away, fully intending to flee. Her resistance shattered, and she turned into his embrace. It was too late to escape. Pressing against his strength, she wound her arms around his neck and pulled him closer. His erection prodded her stomach, and she moaned. A heavy groan filled his throat as he lifted her from her feet. He kicked the bag aside as he sat her on the counter.

“I can’t wait,” he growled. His flaring aura spiraled with colors she couldn’t name. She caught her breath. One hand burrowed through her hair, keeping her still as he stepped between her thighs. “You’re all I could think about all day.”

Clasping her bottom, he slid her to the edge of the counter. With his lips claiming her mouth, he unbuttoned her slacks, than lifted her slightly to push them down and off.

The cold surface only made her more aware of his scorching heat. His rough denim pants scraped her inner thighs in contrast with the silky hair under her palms. Her pulse leaped, and she gasped. His male scent mixed with hints of the wild forest filled her nostrils. When his fingertip explored the heated moisture gathering at her juncture, she tightened her thighs around his hips.

Barbara Edwards
The Wild Rose Press: Ancient Blood, a Black Rose
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Blogger Barbara Edwards said...

Thanks again for having me as your guest.

9:53 AM  
Blogger Mona Risk said...

Barbara, it's a great idea to keep a record of the imaginary details that characterize the setting. I'll do that from now on. Nice excerpt.

1:28 PM  
Blogger Barbara Edwards said...

Thanks, Mona. I have to keep notes since I forget anything not written down.

1:31 PM  
Blogger donnas said...

Sounds really good. Thanks for sharing!

bacchus76 at myself dot com

8:35 PM  
Blogger Barbara Edwards said...

Hi Donna,
You're in the drawing!

8:31 AM  
Anonymous Bets Davies said...

Keeping maps are great! Though I suck at making them. I do the more five senses landscapes, often on Inspiration.

10:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very nice thought. I appreciate it.......

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