Thursday, March 03, 2011

Update Re: 23 More Days

YAY! Turned in the revised version on Feb. 28. Now I'm excited/terrified to see what changes Jo will ask for! She sent me some cover copy to look at. Things are moving forward!

Now that I'm finally moved, and somewhat unpacked, I am working on the rewrite of the first Kismet book to give to my editor (Jo Fletcher, who edited lots of wonderful writers, including Charlaine Harris). My deadline to turn that version in to her is Feb. 28. Then she'll give it the official read and do her own edits. It really is excellent to have the opportunity to make all the changes I wished I could have made after the first version came out in 2007. I look forward to working with her, because rewriting with an editor is the best thing. I love bouncing ideas off someone else. Wish me luck. (That's a photo of Jo.)


Blogger lesleylsmith said...

This journey with editors, and rewrites, and all the rest is very interesting! Thanks for sharing!

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