Thursday, August 18, 2005

More Requests for the Full

A while back a writer friend of mine said something about wanting to ask agents/editors who request her full manuscript: "Really? Are you sure you want it?" She said it was expensive to mail out the full -- around $10 postage, plus $10 postage on the return envelope and the cost of the ink cartridge and paper. I remember thinking, "Wow, if someone wanted my full manuscript, I wouldn't give one thought to the cost of sending it." Well, isn't it interesting how we change? I sent out two copies this past week and cringed when I gave my credit card to the guy at the post office. After getting back 3 of the 4 I sent out before, I guess the bloom is off the rose for me. I'm cautiously hopeful, because I really do know that it only takes one person who believes in me and who likes my book. Just one who'll hang in with me while we polish it up. Just one who won't get sidetracked because my book isn't like other books. Also, I got an email from the anthology I submitted my short story to, saying my story wasn't a good fit. I guess I'll look for another place to submit it. I think it's funny.


Blogger Alison Kent said...

You know, if you don't want to pay for return postage, you can tell publishers to destroy the manuscript. Printing another one would probably be cheaper! Besides, do they come back in good enough shape to submit again? Just a suggestion (as I blog hop around to new places)!

4:13 PM  
Blogger Lynda Hilburn said...

Hey, Alison. Yeah, that would be the logical thing to do, but I got bitten and infected by the Paranoia Bug. A couple of my writer friends, each with different horror stories about what could happen if you let your entire manuscript float around unattended, managed to make me sufficiently nervous, imagining crappy scenarios. I decided to go ahead and bite the financial bullet, and ask for the whole ms back. Even though what returns isn't good for much more than being a door stop!

7:49 PM  

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