Monday, February 25, 2008

Introverted Writers, Promo Rock and Upcoming "First Sale Stories"

Funny about labels. I always knew I was weird. I'm the kind of person who appears to be an extrovert -- I can get up and sing or present or talk -- but the truth is that I'm incredibly introverted. Painfully shy in some situations. A basket case. Put me in a room filled with people I don't know and I zoom to the nearest corner, where I huddle until I can flee the area. Some of the intense reaction comes from my ability to sense (and be overwhelmed by) energy. You'd think that after so many years of dealing with this issue -- studying it, contemplating it, living it -- I'd have a handle on it. Not so.

Doing book signing events alone is torture.

I went to a lovely event tonight. A networking thing. Several writer types in Boulder organized a networking event at a wine bar. I made my way to the table closest to the wall, where I sat and gathered friendly faces. Instead of walking around, schmoozing, I sat perched on my seat, enjoying the company of people I already knew. I've lived in Boulder for so long, and have been "out there" as far as advertising my various services, that I've now managed (despite my social strangeness) to accumulate many acquaintances. I'm really appreciating them tonight.

And, I'm finally starting to accept my eccentricities. It's okay that I'm shy (terrified? anxiety-riddled?).

We all do what we can.

Last night I met with 3 other author/musicians. We jammed on old rock tunes and had a fine time. It's possible the author band might actually become a reality. Fingers crossed. It would be so much fun to perform at various conferences. Sign me up!

Also, more "First Sale Stories" are in the works. Stay tuned . . .

Are you an introverted writer?


Blogger Amber Gilchrist said...

I am so introverted. That's why I'm so glad for the internet. It's so much easier for me to converse with people I don't have to look at. You have no idea. I think a fair amount of writers are introverts.

6:57 AM  
Blogger Imp said...

On the MBTI, I score as a HUGE introvert. Only my passions drive me into congregate settings.

6:02 AM  
Blogger Lynda Hilburn said...

Dear AJ: I think you're right! I knew there was some reason I love email. Thanks for posting!!

Dear Alessia: I'm a schizo introvert. Quaking in my boots, I'm often compelled to put myself center stage. Hmmm. I wonder if I LIKE being freaked out? LOL. Thanks for your post!

5:58 PM  
Blogger Rosemary Carstens said...

Lynda: I really undestand what you are saying. I don't understand it, but people think I am very comfortable in front of a group--and I make myself do it. But, for example, when I put on one of the "Women's Voices" panels, I sweat bullets ahead of time and am actually trembling inside when I begin. I, too, hated the book signings because you never knew if anyone would show up, or if they did would they stay or be interested in what I had to say. It's a challenge--I encourage you to keep on going!! Rosemary

2:51 PM  
Blogger Lynda Hilburn said...

Dear Rosemary: Thanks so much for posting! Your blog is lovely. I was at that event you facilitated, and nobody would have ever guessed you were nervous or uncomfortable. You were a pro! That's what people tell me, too, but I know what's going on inside. LOL!

4:53 PM  

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