Monday, April 11, 2011

Update from the London Book Fair

I got an email yesterday from my editor who has been at the London Book Fair for days already. She lives in London and said the fair business starts earlier every year. She'll be talking to foreign pubs about my books and hopefully there will be worldwide editions of all three novels. She'll get back in touch probably next week. We also talked about future possibilities for some Kismet short stories/novellas. She said the UK version of THE VAMPIRE SHRINK is slated to be released this September, along with e-versions. The second book [which will be re-titled] should follow about 9 months or so later. I'm madly updating the second book and brainstorming more plot ideas for the third book. I look forward to seeing the cover art for book 1! Anything you'd like to see happen to/with Kismet in book 3? What are you imagining?


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