Monday, July 28, 2014

Undead in the City

A dead-end life…

Raised in an urban hell, guitarist Tempest Moon has lived on the edge so long she no longer has any dreams. Especially when it comes to men. They’re only good for two things: sex and making music. Anything else is asking for trouble. Then one night, in the midst of a raging blizzard, a stranger walks into the dive where she’s playing. Something about this guy is different. Dangerous. Arousing.

An undead hunger…

Malveaux had been an assassin as a human being and saw no reason to change professions simply because he’d joined the ranks of the undead. He needs only two things: blood and sex. Beset by extreme sexual urges and driven by the legacy of his vampire creator, Malveaux is in thrall to a compulsion to create an “offspring.” To convert a human female to serve his passions or go mad. Sensual and sassy, Tempest Moon might just be his match.

A war in the shadows…

The sexual draw between them is powerful, but Tempest suspects Malveaux harbors a secret. She’s never believed in happily-ever-after or that anyone would rescue her, but nothing in her life prepared her for the nightmare of being a pawn in the war between Malveaux’s powerful human mob boss and a band of interloping vampires. Caught in a storm of bloodlust and passion, Malveaux must battle both humans and vampires as Tempest’s life balances on the razor’s edge between the living and the undead.

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