Friday, October 03, 2014

A Vampire Psychologist? Why not?


I'm frequently asked where the idea for a series about a vampire psychologist came from.

It started with a client session in my psychotherapy office in Boulder, CO back in 2004.

I've been a vampire fan since childhood and read everything -- fiction and nonfiction -- I could get my hands on. I'd never read much romance, but when paranormal romance books showed up in bookstores and libraries, I was hooked. Stories about human women having relationships and sex with vampires? Sign me up!

After reading a million or so books, I started toying with the notion of writing a vampire tale myself. Previously, I'd written nonfiction, and the learning curve for fiction was steep. I never considered actually submitting my stories to anyone. After all, wouldn't I get drummed out of the psychotherapist's club if I wrote about such things?

After creating a few short stories about my night-walking darlings, a young client -- who talked about wanting to join a group of non-humans -- inspired me to think about what it would be like to find a gorgeous vampire in my waiting room. I started typing that night, and the series began its long, strange journey.

The rights to the first three novels in the series (The Vampire Shrink, Blood Therapy and Crimson Psyche) are in the process of being reverted to me, so I'll be rebranding and republishing them in the future.

The tiny humorous tale, Until Death Do Us Part, is permanently free and available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Apple. It's a snapshot of a couples counseling session for vampires.

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