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Interview with Devereux, Master Vampire of the Kismet Knight, Vampire Psychologist series.

Kismet Knight: Hello, everyone! And Happy October, my favorite time of the year. I just stopped by for a moment to let you know that there’s been a change of plans regarding Devereux’s interview. I was going to do it, since I know him best, but we’ve been having discussions lately about the fact that his ego is a little, well, inflated. His self-esteem a bit excessive, and I’m not sure he needs even more attention . . .

Devereux:  Ahem.

Kismet: Yes. I know you don’t agree. So, you’re good looking. And maybe your body can flame up a woman’s pilot light? Does that mean everyone with two “x” chromosomes has to genuflect in your presence?  No way! You think because you can dazzle everyone with your vampire wiles that we’re all at your beck and call. Well, let me tell you . . .

Devereux: (Looking adorable.) Kismet, my love. I promise I will think about everything you have said. Later. But for now, I would hate to disappoint the ladies . . .

Kismet: Okay, you’re right. We can fight, er, talk, later. (Fans self.) What I meant to say is that since this interview is for readers who do want to know about Devereux’s physical attributes and sexy ways, I’ve been persuaded to step aside and let him be worshipped. I’m relinquishing the task to one of Devereux’s newest staff members, Tara, who loves nothing more than to sing the master’s praises. It’s all yours, Tara . Bye, everyone.

Tara: (Twisting her hands nervously.) Bye, Dr. Knight. Oh, Geez. I’ve never been alone with Devereux before. What if I lose control and jump on him, or something? I mean, wow. He’s just so . . . astounding. Those lips, that butt . . .

Devereux: (Smiling.) There is no reason for concern. I am sure you will be fine. Just ask the questions we prepared. (Pause.) Tara?

Tara: Uh, sorry. You’ve never spoken directly to me before. Your voice is so sexy. So hypnotic. It makes me want to . . . er, never mind. Is it hot in here? Okay. Can I ask a question of my own before I read the ones on the paper?

Devereux: (Pauses to read her mind.) Certainly.

Tara: How can Dr. Knight keep herself under control around you? I mean, you can make her do whatever you want, can’t you? How can she just walk away? After all, you’re the bad ass vampire.

Devereux: Bad ass vampire? (Smiles.) Yes, I do believe that is one phrase used to describe me. But to answer your question, Dr. Knight has a very strong mind. And lots of opinions. She has made it clear she does not wish to be controlled by me, or anyone so – because she is important to me – I honor her request. And since she is being assisted by the Elders, and a technique she learned from a psychic, her mind is no longer an open book. As you might imagine, it is challenging for me to find an equal of any kind. Not to be the arrogant soul I am often accused of being, but I have been a vampire for over 800 years and I have built my power purposefully. With great power comes great responsibility. I enjoy Dr. Knight’s discussions about the state of my ego. She keeps me from taking myself too seriously.

Tara: Well, er, that’s good. And speaking of responsibility. What’s it like to be one of the most powerful vampires on Earth? Do you get tired of being the boss?

Devereux: I have always had leadership abilities. There have been times throughout my long life that I wished to be relieved of the responsibility of keeping vampires off the human radar, but being the boss seems to come naturally to me. Maintaining the balance between the two species is a crucial task and neither side would benefit from the loss of that equilibrium. Many vampires would prefer to kill and feed on humans as they did in the past. To my mind, that would only encourage and unleash the vampire hunters again, which made vampire lives miserable for several centuries. Humans offer themselves to us freely. We can feed without killing.

Tara: Wow. Are you saying there are still vampire hunters?

Devereux: Of course. I have a vast network of observers – both mortal and immortal – who keep me apprised of the whereabouts and activities of the hunters.

Tara: (Hugging herself.) Oh, no! Vampire hunters! Will you protect me?

Devereux: (Half-shrug.) You have nothing to fear. Denver is home to many extraordinary vampire warriors. Under my leadership, they keep all vampire-kind safe.

Tara: Well, let’s move onto some of the meatier questions. How tall are you, and how much do you weigh?

Devereux: How long have you been a vampire, Tara?

Tara: Ten years. Why?

Devereux: (Smiles.) It is rare to hear a vampire use the word “meatier.”

Tara: Oh, yeah. I guess I still use a lot of my old human words.

Devereux: Charming. Anyway, you know we old vampires can transform our physical appearances at will. I can be as tall and weigh as much as I choose. But, for the most part, I normally stand about six feet, two inches and weigh around one hundred ninety pounds. I prefer to remain toned and muscular.

Tara: (Staring at Devereux’s body.) I’ll say. (Shifts her gaze to his face.) Your eyes are unusual. They’re not blue and not green, but a unique mixture of both. And you have dark eyebrows and lashes when your hair is so light. How did that happen?

Devereux: Actually, my hair lightened even more than it already was when I went through the transformation process from human to vampire. My hair originally was a darker shade of blond, so the brows and lashes were a better match. But I’m used to the contrast now and quite enjoy it. (Smiles.) Don’t you think my features suit me?

Tara: (Mouth slowly opens.)

Devereux: Tara?

Tara: (Closing mouth.) Sorry. Got caught up in a fantasy for a moment. Yes. Your features definitely suit you. Let’s go to the next question. You’ve lived a very long time. Can we assume you have had lots of experience with women? Did you have a favorite lover before you met Dr. Knight?

Devereux: It is not my habit to kiss and tell – or bite and tell, either – but it is well known by those close to me that I spent many years with the goddess Maeve, who has a reputation for being uninhibited and vibrantly, primitively sexual. We taught each other many things.

Tara: Yikes. You had sex with a goddess? Can you tell us how that experience was different from being with human or vampire women?

Devereux: (Dreamy expression on his face.) It was a passionate and amazing experience. Maeve is insatiable. She can have sex continuously for hours – as can I – so we often went without nourishment while we were caught up in sexual ecstasy. She appreciated my special gifts, (Glancing down at his crotch.) and my resilience. She showed me how to use one finger in a certain way to drive her mad with desire. That skill has served me well ever since.

Tara: One finger . . . uh, do you still see Maeve? Doesn’t Dr. Knight get jealous?

Devereux: Maeve and I have remained friends. (Gives boyish grin.) Dr. Knight insists she does not get jealous, but I happen to know better. Regardless, I am very loyal and give her no reason to question my commitment.

Tara: I heard that you danced for Dr. Knight at a protection ritual you created for her. I’ll bet that was very sensual.

Devereux: I enjoy dancing. Most pagan males do. Our ceremonies call for movements and I am quite good at all aspects of the physical. I spent many evenings throughout the centuries reveling naked around a fire. Beltane is especially exciting because first we dance and then we pair off and have wild sex. Would you like me to demonstrate?

Tara: What? (Eyes bulging.) Which part? Hey, you’re taking your clothes off. Are you really going to dance naked for me? Oh, my God! You are! Will there be sex next?

(A naked Devereux throws his head back, and sings loudly in a strange language while he moves in a Greek-like dance. His platinum hair flies out behind him as he stomps and claps along with his song.)

Tara: (Eyes still bulging, gaze glued to the firm evidence that dancing arouses Devereux.) Holy shit. Is that thing real?

(Devereux glides out of the room, singing.)

Tara: Devereux? Wait! Can I come? Oh, man. Look at those muscles. That ass. Hold on . . . (Voice fades as she leaves the room.)

For more information about Lynda and the Kismet Knight, Vampire Psychologist series, visit her website:

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Leave a comment about Devereux here to enter a giveaway for a $10 Amazon gift card and a signed print copy of The Vampire Shrink (USA only).


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Would love to read a paranormal book about a psychologist. That was my field of study as an undergrad! :D

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Steamy cover. Entertaining interview.

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Nice cover! Need something new to read! ashley.lynn.irby@gmail.com

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Blogger Anne said...

I read The Vampire Shrink when it was released the first time (2007)and really enjoyed it. What I liked about Devereaux was that you still felt he was dangerous.


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Blogger Wild N Mild $$$ said...

Devereux sounds like a bad boy! Wold love to read more.

Jennifer Rote

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Blogger Wild N Mild $$$ said...

Devereux sounds like a bad boy! Wold love to read more.

Jennifer Rote
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I want to know the answers to Tara's meatier questions lol Thank you for the giveaway ;)

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Completely in love with Devereux. Thanks for the giveaway.


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Hmmm... A Vampire Warrior.. I think I like it. Thanks for sharing.
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I love that he's a great dancer.
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I got a kick out of the reactions--he does seem like quite the charmer! And of course, hearing about the quirks of vampire physiology is always interesting...

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Fun he likes to dance

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This sounds like a good read. Have a spooktacular day!

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well isn't he something special? Thank you for the giveaway!!

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Mary DeBorde

That boy is some serious sex-on-a-stick lol ;)

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Sounds like an interesting read.

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Funny interview, and interesting concept that older vampires can change their looks as they desire to. Email's available in my blogger profile, just click on smiles :)

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Sounds like a steamy book!!!

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Sounds like an interesting read! And it would keep me on my toes! haha!

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Wow! A vampire with bite! That is SO going on my TBR list.


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Happy Halloween! :)

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Devereaux is undeniably hot, but my heart will always belong to Lestat.

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Fun interview!

Thank you so much for the giveaway.. Fingers crossed. :-)

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Hmm, I am not sure how I feel about this book.

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Devereux sounds awesome!
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My... oh my... Devereux sounds like quite the sexy handful! His interview answers made me smile more than a few times, lol. Very fun!

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Wow, steamy cover, fun interview.
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Devereux sounds kind of drool-worthy ;)


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So...I take it this vampire is no relation to Blanche Devereaux of Golden Girls? He looks luscious!

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Devereux sounds like a fun guy! I can't wait to read your books.

Cathy Y

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This sounds like a interesting book. I love the cover. Thanks for the chance

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