Sunday, August 28, 2005

Paranormal Television

This isn't about writing, but it is about paranormal topics. Paranormal topics on TV. I am loving the fact that there are more and more programs dealing with nonordinary subjects. I think Patricia Arquette does a fine job in her role in "Medium." The show seems to be intelligent and multi-layered. I always appreciate when these subjects are covered without adding any silly religious stuff. Patricia was cool in the lead role in a low-budget movie out a few years ago, "Stigmata," which was all about silly religious stuff. Stephen King's "The Dead Zone" is usually interesting, too. Even though the main character makes me chuckle sometimes with his over-the-top, laying-on-of-hands reactions, it's still a good exploration of psychic abilities. I occasionally watch "The 4400," but have to admit that it gets a bit melodramatic and predictable for me. And, after watching countless reruns of "The X-Files," I'm choking on alien stories. Starting in September there's another "person who talks to dead people" show coming, and the previews look interesting. And, one of my favorite Celtic cuties -- Stuart Townsend -- will be in an updated version of "Night Stalker." The old version was a campy mystery, where a new paranormal weirdness was discovered each week. Stuart was in the very bad movie based loosely on two of Anne Rice's books, "Queen of the Damned," which was roundly thumped by critics and AR fans alike. Yes. It was a crappy movie. But there was something about the cute Irish Lestat (with a very bad accent), who looks adorable with his hair longer than he usually wears it. (Longer than he will wear it in "Night Stalker.") He looked pretty damn good in the also-crappy movie, "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen," where he played Dorian Gray. "Charmed," which has been running for a while, started out OK. It even had some realistic wiccan/pagan terminology/rituals, etc. But, it soon devolved into a silly forum for as much tits and ass as possible. Too bad. So, the public thirst for all things paranormal continues.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Updates to Recommended Books

I added more information to my list of recommended books/authors, which can be found in the November, 2004 archives.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

More Requests for the Full

A while back a writer friend of mine said something about wanting to ask agents/editors who request her full manuscript: "Really? Are you sure you want it?" She said it was expensive to mail out the full -- around $10 postage, plus $10 postage on the return envelope and the cost of the ink cartridge and paper. I remember thinking, "Wow, if someone wanted my full manuscript, I wouldn't give one thought to the cost of sending it." Well, isn't it interesting how we change? I sent out two copies this past week and cringed when I gave my credit card to the guy at the post office. After getting back 3 of the 4 I sent out before, I guess the bloom is off the rose for me. I'm cautiously hopeful, because I really do know that it only takes one person who believes in me and who likes my book. Just one who'll hang in with me while we polish it up. Just one who won't get sidetracked because my book isn't like other books. Also, I got an email from the anthology I submitted my short story to, saying my story wasn't a good fit. I guess I'll look for another place to submit it. I think it's funny.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Back In The Saddle Again

No, that's not referring to the old cowboy tune, but rather the '70s Aerosmith song. Imagine it turned up really, really loud as I flail about, playing air guitar. Especially the part where the lead singer rasps out "I'm baaaaaack." It's a good thing that "classic rock" radio still exists, because I don't think I've related to any music since the early '90s. I feel very lucky to have been around for the Beatles, Stones, Led Zepplin, Eric Clapton, the Eagles, Joanie Mitchell, Steeley Dan, Emmy Lou Harris, Bonnie Raitt, Linda Ronstadt, Pat Benatar, Heart -- on and on. I grew up in Detroit, so Motown was a huge influence (imagine the orgasmic voices of Smokey Robinson and Marvin Gaye floating out of the speakers). Awesome guitars, great voices and amazing harmonies. Anyway, I sorta went off track there. The "back in the saddle part" is about sitting my generous tush on the cush and putting some ideas for stories/books on paper. Or on the screen, whatever. I sent out another round of queries to various agents and editors and got one request so far for the full. One of my wonderful crit partners offered to speak to her editor at the e-pub she writes for on my behalf. So, who knows what could happen? Crank up that radio, will ya?

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Another Recommended Author/Book Series

I added Rachel Caine's books to my list of recommended books/authors. Check out the whole list in the November, 2004 archives.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Pulling Myself Back Up By My Boot -- er, Sandal -- Straps

It does seem that no matter what kind of disappointment I deal with, I always come out of it. I guess I really am resilient. Slap me down and I bounce back up, like one of those plastic punching things with sand in the base they used to sell when I was young. Maybe they still sell them, I don't know. I've been thinking about the amount of disappointment I've had over the last few years. Lots. In every area of my life. But I think I've had so many kicks in the gut because I keep putting myself out there. Whether it is as a singer, or as a psychotherapist/hypnotherapist, or as the maker of guided hypnotherapy CDs (which one Guided Imagery guru said were "too dramatic," so she wouldn't list them on her website -- that one hurt because my CDs are very good! And, yes, they are created to bypass the mental body and go directly to the emotional body. I won't express an opinion about hers. Let's just say I don't recommend them.), or as a writer. Lots of "no thanks." It's hard to keep on going. To keep on believing in yourself. But I must believe in myself or I wouldn't keep on trying. I'm like the energizer bunny in my own way. So, I took all the very different opinions about my book and I reminded myself that -- no matter who offered the opinions -- they are still just opinions. I have been reading through my manuscript and asking people to read it for me and be brutally honest. I still like it. I still think it's good. Some of it is better than good. Someone told me it reminded her of Anne Rice. She didn't mean that as a compliment. Too wordy. I like wordy: If the wordi-ness is about characters rather than descriptions of things (I really like Dean Koontz, but he can get caught up in describing things), or action sequences, etc. Well, there are lots and lots of books that are popular that I don't like at all. I see the author winning this and that, and I'm blown away. Obviously, I DON'T have my finger on the pulse of popular culture. But I have to believe there is room for my book. Some perceptive editor who can see all the diamonds in my work. I joined an in-person crit group near where I live and it's interesting to hear the perspectives of writers who write very different things than I write. And I'm learning to let the feedback flow without my having to have reactions to their opinions. It's making me stronger in my own knowing about my writing. All it takes is one person who believes in me and something wonderful can happen.